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I buy it on my maverick system the app don’t launch. money Waste ! don’t buy

no c&p, no open in external browser support

App works as intended, however, it does not allow to open documents in external browser nor does it allow to copy and paste the google doc link. That would be a very handy feature! Unfortunately, copy and paste doesn’t seem to work either plus the app uses an old (safari) browser engine and google dropped support for this version and naggs you every time…


Constant errors upon starting up this application on my Macbook Air. Has not worked since download.

Nice Direct Access on Desktop - Does not Download Files

I love the fact that I have access to my Google Drive right on on my desktop (similar to Dropbox). However, I have not had any success with drag and drop uploading, or direct downloading of files/ images. Could be a work in progress… once fixed this app is a must-have.

Preview capabilities would make this app perfect

I was hoping this app would allow a quick way preview my google docs from the menubar. I have a few google sheets that I reference daily and rather than having to navigate through my finder to access them, it would save time if they could be viewed from my menubar.

Reload - Reload - Reload… Ughhhh

Purchased this app and have gotten Zero usage out of it… Not ONCE has this app worked. I too thought this would be a great tool to keep the app easily accessible.. Not So.. Just frustrating..


How would this app save time when I have to go the website to actually download my documents?? Not worth the disk space it uses.

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