App for Google Drive - Menu Tab App yorumlar

Which I could give this app MINUS 100 stars

This app was carefully disguised to appear to be an official Google product. In facts it’s the worst kind of crap one can buy. Within 1 minutes after buying and installing the app and seeing what it WOULDN’T DO, I wrote to Apple for a refundd and they declined. As a long time Apple customer I find this really insulting and will disput it on my credit card. Even worse, Apple referred me to the developers website and said to take it up with them. The link is to a DEAD non-existant site. This app is noting but a con job, it does nothing, and you will feel violated if you pay even a penny for it. Sure it’s only $1.99 but that $100 worth of frustration and a total waste of time. Save you money. Better off with nothing rather than an app that is worthless.


Just down loaded the app and nothing works. It wont open any of my docs in the google drive. Waste of money….

google drive

great App

behaves strangely

I downloaded this app because I didn;t like the apple default to it’s cloud and I wanted to share some stuff between my andriod devices and iOS/mac OS devices.. I just found this application very quirky .. drag and drop works funny.. the sizing of the app screen interface is very stiff and frozen.. I don’t like this strange menubar thing… There is no way this app should be $1.99.. it should be free.. However.. maybe I’m just using it wrong..

Doesn’t work

Said that it doesn’t work with my version of Safari. A waste of money! Don’ t buy.

Can’t see enough in th epop up window

I can’t see enough of what I have in Drive in the pop-up window and it will not let me enlarge it enough to see everything. I hate this app. I suppose we will move everything to Dropbox.


I downloaded this app to be abe to access it straight from my menu bar. The best part is it wont even let me upload any of my files! Great job.

doesn’t open at all

What more can I say? Doesn’t work


How would this app save time when I have to go the website to actually download my documents?? Not worth the disk space it uses.

Reload - Reload - Reload… Ughhhh

Purchased this app and have gotten Zero usage out of it… Not ONCE has this app worked. I too thought this would be a great tool to keep the app easily accessible.. Not So.. Just frustrating..

Preview capabilities would make this app perfect

I was hoping this app would allow a quick way preview my google docs from the menubar. I have a few google sheets that I reference daily and rather than having to navigate through my finder to access them, it would save time if they could be viewed from my menubar.

Cant even get the app to open

I have downloaded multiple times and installed. The app will not even open for me

Nice Direct Access on Desktop - Does not Download Files

I love the fact that I have access to my Google Drive right on on my desktop (similar to Dropbox). However, I have not had any success with drag and drop uploading, or direct downloading of files/ images. Could be a work in progress… once fixed this app is a must-have.

Good job guys!

Great idea. Works very well…

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